100 days g?ng.

In many martial arts (Especially in qigong styles) they do a 100 days gong. Gong means ‘work’. We all know that working on your martial art will make it better. But why the 100 days?

Up till day 30
Training will be quite easy. You’re full of energy and enthusiasm. You’re motived to see it through till the bitter end.

Around day 60
You start to wonder if it is necessary. It becomes more boring and motivation seems to stick more to other things in life.

After day 90
Training starts to be normal. Fully integrated in your life. It becomes a habit rather than an exercise.

It’s scientifically proven that you need about 90 days to change your behaviour. So training 100 days will makes sure it last. So you’re not done after your 100 days of work. Actually, the work just starts.