Train everyday the following 100 days according to your level.


Inbetween training sessions is a 4 hour gap.


One day missed?
You’re out!


Basics should be trained daily.


‘Join’ our daily event
on our Facebook page.
For registrational purpose

You can join with any kind of martial arts. Karate, Taekwondo, Taiji, Boxing, Kendo, Sibpalki, Qigong, etc. Speak with your instructor on which basics you should focus. You can add additional exercises too meet the time requirements. We also provide some basic Qig?ng exercises (on film) for anyone who likes to incorporate them in their daily routine.

We start from the 21st of January till 1st of May 2018

If you joined a 60 minutes G?ng, you should do a 60 minutes training on a daily base. If one day you didn’t reach 60 but 30 or more you still keep on going for the 30 minutes G?ng. Same applies for the 30 minutes.

Check-In on Facebook every day. This way we can see who still keeps up with the 100 Days of Basics.

Yes, everyone can cheat. The fact is that you know yourself that you didn’t deserved it. So, play fair.

Winners (once registered from the start) will be placed on the wall of fame.